AQ Together

From our home along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Southwest Nova Scotia, the team at Aqualitas produces organically grown top-shelf medical cannabis using a unique combination of aquaponics and living soil.

As Canada’s first Clean Green Certified cultivator, we’re proud to receive recognition of our commitment to organic growing methods, regulatory compliance, and environmental stewardship. Founded in the US and based on international organic farming and food handling standards, Clean Green Certified is the largest cannabis certification program providing greater assurance for cannabis consumers. 

As strong advocates for Veterans, we recognize that relief from injuries sustained while serving our country is often not achieved with conventional pharmaceuticals. That’s why our dedicated and passionate team is committed to offering you safe, high quality medical cannabis that’s easy to access, and there for you when you need it.

To support our production team, the Aqualitas Medical & Advisory Board serves as a forum for dialogue amongst health professionals, patients and others to advise the company in the development of responsible and safe practices regarding the cultivation, sale, prescription and consumption of medical cannabis. Members include healthcare providers (physician and nurse practitioner), a pharmacist, medical researchers, a dietitian, patients benefiting from medical cannabis, a Veteran and patient advocates.


Veterans For Healing
Veterans for Healing is a Nova Scotia-based social enterprise dedicated to supporting you, as a military veteran, with access to alternative care products and services to assist in your healing journey. VFH invites you to participate in programs and services related to their proprietary healing model. Their partnership with the Global Alliance Foundation Fund ( focuses on building community, land-based healing and helping veterans rediscover their life purpose.

VFH also operates a socially conscious online marketplace that features veteran businesses, and it partners with other complementary support services to assist in your well-being. Their organization is committed as a partner in the journey of supporting the advancement of your overall mental and physical health.